G12 Properties would like to say Greetings!

Introduction to G12 Properties 101

Our staff

Our professional and licensed team members truly exemplify Chicago’s diverse & intimate neighborhoods while having a global appeal and perspective. Our staff is composed of multi-lingual agents and managers that come from your neighborhood. We understand you and your language!

  • English
  • Francais
  • Espanol
  • Polish
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • Serbian
  • Croatian
  • Bosnian
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic

Our staff is composed of professionals with backgrounds ranging from actors in Hollywood movies to Division 1 Athletes– People who know what it takes to hit the “big time.” Members of our sales team also own their own properties and small businesses so they know your concerns. We know how to market your property, we know how to save you money, we know how to sell. Give us the opportunity and we will serve you.


Our history

G12 Properties was started by Slavko Arizona Gajic in 2017. Some people know him as “Slav” or “Sal”. Born in Chicago and raised in the northwest suburbs he grew up picking up garbage at his father’s properties throughout the city of Chicago. During his high school years in the 90’s his family built homes in Wicker Park where his mother was also an Assistant Principal at Pritzker School. Look for the “G” in the stone work of buildings on Julian and Pierce streets and you’ll see the origin of G12 Properties. In 2004 Slavko earned his Bachelor’s degree in International politics at the American University in Paris, France where he learned to bring Chicago to the world and the world to Chicago. In 2006 after years in construction and property management he decided to get his real estate license. After seeing the ups and downs and learning from it while working for Coldwell Banker Slavko gained invaluable experience. From closing every kind of a deal imaginable from land, residential, commercial, international, foreclosure, and short sales, Slavko was determined to share his expertise with his family, friends, clients, and customers. G12 properties is based on a family model where tasks and responsibilities are delegated/proportional and the success and benefit are collective.We work as a team to achieve our objectives and share in the earnings & team pride.


Our mission

G12 Properties respects the “Old school” rules that always govern real estate but we understand that only with professional teamwork, modern tools and applications can one be competitive in this fast-paced Global/Local market(s). We use the latest and greatest technological tools such as aerial drones and HD cameras to capture our properties in their best light. We work with every kind of buyer from the 1st timer to the seasoned investor. We offer custom marketing/sales packages for specific properties. If you’re looking to save a “buck” on commission costs and are willing to actively participate and perform you’ll earn more with G12 Properties. We believe if you do most of the work you should get most of the money.

  • We engage and incentivize our clients to be active participants in real estate. We offer referral awards and pay an additional percentage to owners who put more effort in closing the deal.
  • Too busy and just want our full service? You got it! What clients can’t or won’t do, G12 Properties will! We are committed to seeing our clients succeed!
  • We have the entire process from A to Z handled. We have in house marketers who are social media, print, and video marketing experts.
  • We have an extensive network of movers, stagers, videographers & photographers
  • G12 Properties has Real Estate Lawyers, Developers, Mortgage Officers and more. We know who you need and they love working with G12 Properties and so will you!





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